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For many years, Johnnie Burrell has taught Selfprotectiontaishe in a workshop setting along with his wife, Janein. Here's what some workshop participants have said about their experience.

Dear Johnnie and Janein,
     Thank you for your recent presentation, “Tricks to Save Your Life,” at the Eighth Annual Trauma Symposium. People are literally stopping us in our tracks to tell us how much they enjoyed the seminar; many feel it is the best we've ever presented.
—Kathryne M. LaGrange, Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Janet Neff, Trauma Nurse Coordinator
    Stanford University Hospital, Stanford, CA

Dear Johnnie,
    Thank you for your participation at Kaiser Permanente's Women's Wellness Conference. Every time I checked your classes on my rounds of the various sessions, I saw tremendous energy and great interest in your presentation. I was also aware of the 'buzz' you created among others who had not attended your presentations and who commented that, if possible, they would in the future. The surveys from participants confirmed my impression that this was an excellent and popular session.
    We first met years ago when your Selfprotection-
taishe classes were available to Kaiser clients. I can see that your energy and commitment hasn't waned regarding your goal to make your self-defense/injury prevention program available to all segments of the population.
    Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the women and girls who attended this conference. You were an important part of our success!
    If I can contribute to your program's continuing success feel free to contact me.
—Judith A. Lamberti M.D.
Women's Health Liaison
    Kaiser Foundation Hospital, East Bay/Oakland

The Employee Wellness Committee of the Richmond Kaiser Permanente Medical Center engaged Mr. Burrell to teach “Injury Prevention” to staff during a lunch hour. Employees commented on his knowledge of self defense, presenting techniques they would remember, and his overall enthusiasm for the topic. His presentation was extremely well received and many managers thanked us for this relevant presentation. Our Medical Center Administrator recommended he present this information to other departments, and as a result he was invited to the Department of Medicine to present to their large staff.
—Joyce Applebaum MA, MPH, Senior Health Educator,
    Kaiser Permanente, Richmond, CA

Dear Johnnie and Janein,
    On behalf of all the participants in the “Domestic Violence” course, I would like to extend a very sincere thank you. Your program presentation was extremely well received, and I believe that the program made an exemplary contribution to the 1995 Winter continuing education repertoire. The class participants unanimously agreed that your lecture was excellent.
Julie L. Wahlig, RN, MA, Coordinator, Continuing Education Program
    Center for Education and Professional
    Development, Stanford University Hospital

Johnnie brings with him a wealth of life experience and expertise. He has extracted from those things an approach to the field of Personal Safety and Violence Prevention, which will continue to provide his students and colleagues with an enhanced ability to understand the individual, important issues, without losing sight of the “big picture.” I wholeheartedly recommend Johnnie Burrell as a partner for violence prevention and personal safety courses.
—Susan E. Jones, Chief of Police,
    City of Healdsburg, CA

In support of Johnnie Burrell's self-defense and injury prevention program I wish to give my highest recommendation and encourage any institution or individual seeking education regarding their protection and safety against assault to adopt his program.
   As a physician I feel that Johnnie's injury prevention and self-protection approach to teaching is crucial [because of the] reduced time needed to treat these victims of assaults because they were able to reduce the extent of their injuries due to their knowledge of self-protection techniques. Consequently an added benefit is reduced costs for the institution and the victim.
   I have known Johnnie for a number of years and I've always been impressed by his desire and determination to help as many people as he can and his belief that his program will make a difference in people's lives once they receive the education his program offers.
—Robert L. Johnson, M.D., Otolaryngologist
    San Francisco, CA

Thank you for an invaluable workshop. As you can tell from the evaluations I have enclosed "a good time was had by all." I am particularly appreciative of the fact you were able to impart so much valuable information while keeping everyone entertained.
   Personally, the greatest asset of the workshop was the experience of feeling the power I could generate just by making my movements more organized. Many thanks.
—Theresa Carreno Morse
    San Francisco Surgical Associates,
    San Francisco, CA


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