Selfprotectiontaishe Seminars

Self-protection is the bridge between self-defense and prevention. You often can’t prevent attacks because you don’t see or hear them coming. Self-defense techniques might help you fight off an attacker, but what if you don’t have those skills or the opportunity to implement them? Our seminar teaches self-protection strategies that will enable you to survive an attack and prevent injuries. It will help you develop a positive, confident attitude toward your personal safety.

The world has changed and we need to change the way we think about protecting ourselves and keeping ourselves safe against assaults.

TAISHE is an acronym for Take
Action Immediately for a Secure,
ealthy Environment. It is a seminar that utilizes a new approach to teaching self-defense, challenging the common warning to "be aware of your surroundings." Once we step outside of our "surroundings," we tend to drop our guard, which is when most assaults occur—in places and by people that we least expect.

Selfprotectiontaishe instead uses
the term "be aware of your environment" which broadens your focus to include everything from your own home to anywhere in the world that you may travel. It is a more positive approach that teaches you
to be alert, rather than fearful. It teaches you to sense danger and avoid dangerous situations.

In the event that an attack does occur, the Selfprotectiontaishe seminar teaches specific strategies for preventing injury and surviving an attack, including:

  • turning your head to protect your throat (the throat is the gateway to your breathing and allows you to make unobstructed throat gives your body the energy it needs to protect itself and survive)
  • knowing how to prevent injury to the back of your head if you are thrown to the ground, which can otherwise cause serious and even fatal injuries
  • discovering the strength that lies in your hips, and learning how to use your hips to escape if you are grabbed, held, hit, or thrown
  • using the close is cover & strong principle to prevent or minimize injury to yourself when assaulted
  • not just seeing danger, but sensing it even when it is not visible

Johnnie Burrell teaches Selfprotectiontaishe to groups of any size. Contact Johnnie for seminars and private instruction.

Below, you can see photos and letters of appreciation from the self-protection workshop Johnnie led at Kaiser Permanente's Women's Wellness Conference in Oakland, California in October 2007.




I attended the Selfprotectiontaishe Assault & Injury Prevention Workshop at the Kaiser Permanente event. I was impressed with the workshop's practical content and easy to learn techniques. The workshop's format allowed for participants to practice techniques that can be used to get away from an attacker while preventing or minimizing injuries. It was very powerful to see women of all ages and sizes use the techniques to release themselves from the grasp of Mr. Burrell. Mr. Burrell's style and high energy provided a fun and empowering learning experience.

I highly recommend Mr. Burrell's program.

Dr. Jennifer Slovis
The Permanent Medical Group, Inc.

Dear Johnnie,

Thank you for your participation at Kaiser Permanente's Women's Wellness Conference. Every time I checked your classes on my rounds of the various sessions, I saw tremendous energy and great interest in your presentation. I was also aware of the 'buzz' you created among others who had not attended your presentations and who commented that, if possible, they would in the future. The surveys from participants confirmed my impression that this was an excellent and popular session.

We first met years ago when your Selfprotec-
tiontaishe classes were available to Kaiser clients. I can see that your energy and commitment hasn't waned regarding your goal to make your self-defense/injury prevention program available to all segments of the population.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the women and girls who attended this conference. You were an important part of our success!

If I can contribute to your program's continuing success feel free to contact me.

Judith A. Lamberti M.D.
Women's Health Liaison
Kaiser Foundation Hospital East Bay/Oakland

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